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What is new at the Siteorg

2016-08-08 Pacific

We continue our project work and add some new features. We fixed the checking of number of indexed by Google and Yandex pages .

New features:
Notes to domains and sites. You can make unlimited notes to your sites. The notes saving includes the creation date.  Soon notes will be displayed on the website history graphs.  How it works? For example, you have changed a site, created a note. Later you'll track the parameters changes.
Domain delegation,  Now you can share the rights of viewing your project's statistics to other people. If a user is registered,  a notification is sent. If a user does not exist, the service sends an. invitation, 

Already developed and are now being tested:
ssl expiration date checker;
presence in Roskomnadzor;s database  checker;
W3C markup validation service for your website.