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New Tool: Providers

2016-05-17 Pacific

The development is go on:, new ideas and new implementations. We have added the new tool - providers.

So, this feature allows the hosting provider to get the information about the websites, that identify it as their webhosting. In our opinion, the tool allows webhosters to improve the service quality: hosting servers troubleshooting, infected websites detecting.

How it works
For webmaster

Creating a hosting for your site or sites, you can specify your webhosting domain name. If the name is already known in our system, you see it as an option. If no – you must type your webhosting name manually.

You have a choice: to send your website monitoring data to your hosting or no. If you agree, mark the "Make available monitoring data for my hosting provider." option. That's all that is required from a webmaster.

For hoster

A webhosting needs a registration. You can see the registration link the site footer. After moderation webhosting gets the API key and access to data monitoring.
API data are returned in JSON format. Maximum query number is 5 per minute. Overlimit interrupts access to 10 minutes automatically.
In a personal account a hoster sees a list of sites whose owners have indicated it as their webhosting.
A webhoster has tools for flexible management its sites and parameters for the API response documents.