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September News

2016-10-10 Pacific

We would like to share the new functionality:
Added Features:
SSL validity verification: an express check and scheduled task.
Roskomnadzor;s database presenting test as an express checkout and scheduled task.  W3C markup validation service for your website.  Graphical display of parameter changes history.
Consolidated panel notifications. Notification panel is one of our most important innovations. It simplifies the work with a mass of websites. Click on the notification icon and you will see the of all your sites.  So, you will select the problematic websites by clicking on a selected issue.
In developing:
A weekly report of your websites status;
Checking your website's IP in the Roskomnadzor registry (the other sites with the same IP in Roskomnadzor blacklist can be the cause of the whole IP address, including your website, ban).