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Siteorg Parthnership!

2016-08-10 Pacific

Dear colleagues and users!

Our project grows and already has a certain set of tools. We have big plans for the development and expansion. The project was created as a free website analyser. Its tools are developed to help webmasters in their sites monitoring, to simplify a familiar to every webmaster routine work.

However, the maintenance of our digital centres and developers team requires certain costs. According to our idea of openness and accessibility of the project for everybody, we have decided to offer an advertising platform for partners.

What our partners gains:

The target audience, our customers, our webmasters, our IT-specialists and developers, our WEB-team. Detailed statistics is available on request. The possibility of advertising on any our site page. An advertisements format must not interfere with the service.usability.

What we expect to receive:

Funds for maintenance, design and development of the project. We don't need millions, but we need thousands. Please, feel free to contact us: sale (a) siteorg.com